Rates too high? Don't backdown, buydown!

Fight back against rising rates with Homespire's Temporary Buydown Programs

With Homespire's Temporary Buydown Programs, homebuyers can combat higher interest rates by paying a lower monthly payment for a set time at the start of their mortgage. And it's seller paid!

These savings allow buyers to pay off other debt or to use funds to turn their new home into their dream home with new furnishings and upgraded appliances.

2-1 Buydown Example:
Loan Amount: $360,000 | 30-year fixed rate: 6.50% | APR: 6.563%

Year Monthly Payment Monthly Savings Annual Borrower Savings
1 $1,824.07 $451.37 $5,416.44
2 $2.044.04 $231.40 $2,776.80
3-30 $2,275.44 $0.00 $0.00


  • Enjoy the benefits of an adjustable rate and a fixed rate in one loan product; lower initial payment with no surprises for later!
  • Ease into the mortgage payments by buying time before the monthly payment raises to the full amount.
  • Take advantage with an eligible 30-year fixed rate loan program (Fannie Mae and Freddic Mac Standard Conforming, FHA, or VA).

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