Cheap, Fast, & Easy!!

Most of us want something cheap, fast, and easy. Unfortunately, getting all 3 is kind of a Unicorn. However, pick whatever 2 out of the 3 you’d like. Cheap and easy? Well, it may not be fast. Fast and Cheap? Well, may not be easy….you get the point. Out of fast, easy, and cheap…what are the 2 most important to you? There may be some lenders who can close in 10 days, which is really fast. However the caveat may be that it’s more expensive. Or perhaps a lender who offers a really slick app for an easy experience….well, the cost for that technology is generally passed on to the consumer and therefore more expensive whether that be in rate or fees. In our day and age of immediate gratification, most consumers are willing to pay a little more for convenience, but everyone’s situation is different. This is another reason why you need to be speaking with a trusted local mortgage professional.